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welcome [05 Jun 2018|07:50pm]
about us
hello everyone i'm sure by now you're more than familiar with how gpsls work so i'll keep this fairly short and simple. we here at bundlin want a simple gpsl focused on us as a group where everyone feels welcomed. we would love to incorporate game nights, movie nights, amas, and activities galore. once you have read over the rules below and still feel interested in joining, feel free to comment below and lets get started! if you also have any additional questions, comments, concerns or even a friendly suggestion drop us a comment in our screen post here as well.
with more members joining and this place becoming a decent sized gpsl, we've decided that implementing some more structured set of rules. new members have exactly 5 days to introduce themselves and keep their friend's list up to date before they're removed. once someone has done that and the 5 day intro period is over they will have the next 10 days to update in some way or another whether it be a blurb written in their journal or lyric posts/a random post in membaship. it's also crucial that you keep your fl up to date as well or you will be removed. please make sure to keep ic and ooc drama separate and we also will only be allowing one challenge per celeb.

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currently here at bundlin [05 Jun 2018|07:00pm]
ariana grande • goldari girls
bella hadid • sleigh bellas
hailey baldwin • haillucinations
hayley williams • chipnhayls
justine skye • indijustion
selena gomez • pennseltucky
zendaya coleman • mordaycai

ashton irwin • flashtfive
calum hood • americal dad
harry styles • game of tharrones
josh dun • dumb and duner
justin bieber • bulbiebsaur
louis tomlinson • happy hallouween
luke hemmings • galukexy
zayn malik • zayn down be humble

screened post [05 Jun 2017|06:49pm]
leave all your questions, ooc comments, concerns, removal request here!
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